Frequently asked questions

Why does POC in Play exist?

The video games industry in the UK is the biggest single entertainment industry, however it has less than 4% of people from ethnic minority groups working in it. This is compared to 30% in Film and TV in London and 15% nationally.

We need to address this disparity because:

    1. The industry has a fundamental skills shortage which needs to be filled by people with the ability to take on current and future roles in games.
    2. Research shows that diverse organisations are ultimately more innovative and more profitable. In short, diversity is the key to sustainability.
    3. Problematic and inaccurate representation of culture in video games can be addressed by diversifying the creative teams behind them.

What makes POC in Play Different?

Not only do the founding members all have deep connections in the video games industry, we all have lived experiences that are highly beneficial to understanding the barriers faced by POC in the industry and the potential solutions to address this. With that we will proactively push and implement initiatives to achieve these goals.

Do I need to be POC to get involved?

No. Whilst this organisation focuses on the specific issue of representation and access for people of colour, this movement is for everyone who wishes to address the issue. We invite you to attend meetings, which are open for all and to offer your support and services where possible to help build a stronger, more inclusive games industry.

Will there be POC only events?

Our regular monthly meet-up will always be open to people of all racial and ethnic groups. We may from time to time add specific sessions or initiatives designed to help POC with specific access issues, such as a workshop or careers session but this will be made clear. We also support affiliate organisations that may more specifically target people from specific ethnic groups.

Why does this organisation focus on POC?

There are many areas of diversity that need to be tackled.

Racial & ethnic diversity is a specific topic that requires targeted solutions that differ quite dramatically from many other diversity initiatives. However, factors around diversity do not exist in confinement. At POC in Play we sit at the intersection of race, gender, class, disability and many other aspects that affect everyday people simultaneously. Therefore we seek to collaborate on tackling these issues. Get in touch if you’d like to collaborate CONTACT

Is POC in Play UK only?

Not entirely. Although we have a UK base, the nature of the games industry means that people often move to different parts of the world for work. Some of the key team members currently live abroad, but we just see this as an opportunity to take our message further.

Diversity & inclusion in the video games industry is an international issue. We are open on social media and hope to attend international events in the future.

Can I donate money to POC in Play?

We are currently unable to take direct donations as we are in the process of investigating non-profit organisation status. That being said, if you are able to offer targeted sponsorship, platforms, materials, time etc. to help with our activities that would be very helpful.

Please contact us to discuss. CONTACT DETAILS